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September 2018 President's Report
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 Lyn presenting Cameron Millward with Fastest Junior Driver  award  Winton 2018 cropped 800x712


Here we are almost three quarters of the year behind us. You may well ask – what have we done and where did the time go! Time waits for no one and life is precious. It is time to stop putting off doing what you really want to do. I often hear people say “When I retire I will…” or “I would really like to…” My advice – do it now.

Our Winton sporting event was a great success once again. Gavin Moore (supported by many of our members) did an amazing job ensuring everyone who participated had the best experience. The dinners on Friday and Saturday evening gave us a chance to catch up and chat before and after the event. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way and congratulations to those who achieved awards.

I am pictured here at the Winton Presentation dinner with Cameron Millward who received the award for Fastest Junior. His brother Brett Millward also participated achieving Most Improved. They are the children of long standing members Colin and Judy Millward who were joint Mark 1 & 2 Register Secretaries for many years and also involved in organizing the DECA sporting events. It is encouraging to see the boys now making their own mark on club events.

The future of Jaguar looks amazing as I have mentioned before. They are now very close to the release of the all electric I-Pace in Australia. There are plenty of details on line for you to read. The car has a range of 470km on one full charge and the amazing performance of 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. I spoke to one of the organizers at their recent drive experiences held at Sandown. He had the privilege of driving one whilst overseas at a training session. He was ecstatic about the whole experience.

As our club year draws to a close I would like you to give some thought to how you can help your club. It may appear that your club rolls along with plenty for everyone to enjoy. You are continually offered events such as monthly meetings, sporting events, club runs, display days, concours, the new member’s brunch, a website that strives to be interesting and informative and social events at the clubrooms. This does not happen by accident – behind every event are members who volunteer to help. We need new ideas and new people on committee to ensure the club continues into the future vibrant and strong.

The next club run is the Tri Club run and you will need to book early on Trybooking as numbers are limited due to the involvement of the three clubs. Look for all the details in this edition. I look forward to seeing you there or at the next monthly meeting.

My thoughts are with the country and interstate members who may be on a property. I hope you are managing OK and not too badly effected by the drought.

Stay safe on the roads.