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Sandown Histyorics 2018


 Phils Mk 1 before  it had selector problems2


Sporting Register – Sandown Report by Phil Pearmain

The Sandown Historics, held the second weekend in November, has now been running for some 27 years. It is an important meeting in the sporting calendar and brings around 320 cars together to put on a full racing program. Part of the race program is “regularity” and groups N and A. These are the three areas where the JCCV had some Jaguars roaring out on the track.


These are non-race sessions and are set up for people and cars to test themselves. They run under “sprint” type conditions (that is no forcing lines in corners etc) and try to match a pre-nominated time. Points are awarded to the driver that matched his or her time but does not go any faster than that. Each driver gets 50 points to start in a time in nominated for example - 1 minute. 30 seconds, one point is lost for every 1/2 second over this time and five seconds lost for every 1/2 second under this time (too fast). So you can start to see that this series is about knowing your car, your skill and working to achieve the time you set. This year the club had a number of competitors in Vic and Andrew Spiteri in the well-known and presented black E Type and the white Mk VII. Damien Maloney, in the XJS replica and Gary Ball in the always beautiful Daytona.

The Jaguars along with Gary in the Daytona felt out the track in the first session running somewhat slower than their nominated times. Vic came back strongly in the second session with a top score of 45 points running within a second of his nominated time; Andrew on 35 points ; Damien on 25; and Gary on 19 . The third and last session showed that quality is what shines with Vic again on 45 points equal top, Andrew on 33; Gary on 29 and Damien with a DNC. Top drive Vic well done.

Group A

The ever-present Mike Roddy in the famous XJS was again screaming around the track doing what he loves. And what a sight, Mike makes this car sing. If you think the so-called big V8’s sound great, the XJS has a sound that is music. If you have never been to Sandown Historics it is worth a visit to hear this car. Mike qualified 5th then went on to protect that position against some very fast modern cars such as the Ford Sierras. Top job Mike.


Group N

This group is broken into three groups (Na up to 1959, Nb up to 1964, and NC post 1964). This category is one of the few that allows a car to be built, presented and raced as an historic representation of cars in the period but is a new build. They do not need to have a car that was raced in the period but must follow a strict set of rules when building a new historic car and there are plenty of rules.

These historic categories are full of original cars and some are very valuable. They are quicker that they were in the day and driven with some great enthusiasm and skill. However, driving standards are always an issue is any category. It is not uncommon for some paint to be exchanged though this is fiercely discouraged and investigated. The historic races were interrupted by a few incidents with no serious damage to persons or cars.

I prepared a late Mk 1 (1957-58) that I built up from a road-going car purchased about 10 years ago. It races each year as I can afford at various state series rounds with other group N cars and at some historic events.

The Mk 1 qualified mid-field then improved position by some six spots throughout the weekend until the gearbox decided to take a rest and refused to select 2nd and then 3rd gear. I then spent much of remaining time helping out a couple of other drivers with mechanical issues (all part of racing old cars.

Jaguars were well represented in the Sandown group N event Jaguars by both Phil’s Mk 1 and Don Green’s black Mk 2 driven by his son Brock who took out a second and a first. This was a fantastic drive by Brock, congrats mate!

My advice is you are thinking of undertaking a build is to have a chat to someone that has already built a car and then collect as many spares as you garage will hold. Also don’t be too disheartened – these are old cars and they will fail on the odd occasion. Have a chat with me if this interests you.

Andrew Spiteri and Moby Dick


 Andrew Spiteri's Moby Dick 


This year at the Sandown event group N jaguars were well represents by both Phil’s car and Don Greens black Mk2 driven by his son Brock who took out a second and a first. This was a fantastic drive by Brock, congrats mate….