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John and XJC at Ripponlea Display Sept 2018 582x800



Once again our members provided a lovely selection of Jaguars to display at the impressive Ripponlea Estate to help promote the National Trust show of glamourous fashions from the 1970s.

Naturally most of our display Jaguars were from the 1970s era to complement the eclectic range of clothes from the ‘70s – some wild and out there, others very elegant and stylish.

The JCCV joined the Bolwell, Triumph, Healey, Ford and Holden car clubs on the AFL grand final public holiday to add an extra attraction for visitors to the event. The Bolwell Club president joined in the spirit of the 1970’s and turned up in a purple corduroy velvet suit made by his mother when he was aged 15 years. It needed only a few modifications to fit. See photo.

Our cars on the Ripponlea lawn

Bolwell club president in his purple suitNeil and Tricia Marshall with their lovely E-Type



Therefore we had some lovely E-Types and XJ examples out on the main lawn and in front of the entrance to the mansion. John Buncle’s XJC, Neil and Tricia Marshall’s E-Type, Adrian and Pauline Whiter’s E-Type and Graham De Jong’s XJC scored the prime display area along with the Bolwells, a GT Ford and a couple of Triumphs. Our remaining cars lined up in front of the mansion and, frankly, outshone the other invited car clubs.


A special thanks to Elizabeth and Bob Keenan, and Ken and Barbara Williams for bringing two Jaguars and to Richard Jellis who had a busy work day but still dropped off his XJ before the opening and collected it later in the day.

Other JCCV members who helped swell the numbers to make sure the club had the biggest model range and numbers on the day were: Robyn and Neville Lockstone, John and Claire Mann, Shannon Mortimer and her grandmother Glenys McIntyre, Kevin and Min Cassin, Gerry Howell and John and Ann Isaacs. It was good also that President Lyn Belcher who came with John Buncle, had time to attend before a busy week ahead with the JCCV’s AGM.

Bruce Elliott-Smith had to be dissuaded from scheduling a chemo treatment at Peter Mac for 7:30 am so he could then bring his prize-winning 420G to the display such is the enthusiasm of many of our members to promote the club and the Jaguar marque. Another member who really wanted to be there was David Laird but unfortunately his XK 120 was rear-ended by a large 4WD and could not be repaired in time.