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Well, we certainly excelled ourselves at the first meeting for the year. This was held on Friday, 6 February at the Terminus Hotel and there were 36 members present with 11 apologies received! Needless to say, while the meals were being devoured, there was a great deal of chatter and catching up done.

The main business for the meeting was sorting out the calendar for the year. Actually, Sally had done a wonderful job of getting volunteers for the monthly runs, etc,. before the meeting even started. A big thank you to Sally and the volunteers. It is much appreciated.

The February run was on Sunday, 22 February to the Royal Hotel in Benalla. This short outing gave the cars a bit of a run.

The March meeting is on Friday, 6th at the Terminus Hotel, Shepparton. This is also the AGM.

The March run is being arranged by Fred Williams at a date to be determined.

I think this is one of the shortest reports I have ever done!!

Happy motoring, Gael