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Welcome to the Tech Tips & Restoration Page where we follow a number of club member’s stories as they tell us about their Jaguar restorations, as well as sharing tech tips for Jaguar Vehicles. We are lucky enough to have several members, Jeffrey Hill, Rob Clark and Mike Ayres to tell us how they went about their restorations. We will follow their trials and tribulations, and see what they learned from the experience. Restorations can take a long time to complete and more projects will be added as other members' share their stories. The restoration projects will include both work completed by professionals and those who did it themselves in their home workshop. We hope this page will inspire others to tackle the task of restoring their Jaguars to their former glory.


The Tech Tip page is provided for information only. The JCCV and the authors do not accept responsibility for any issues that may result from these tips. However the information comes from the experience and skills of JCCV members who are happy to share their solutions to problems they have encountered and solved with their Jaguars.


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