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2010 Models
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class m xj40 to current models 2The 2010 XJ range had 3.0 litre V6 diesel engines, up from 2.7 litre, 5.0 litre direct injection V8 petrol and 5.0 litre V8 petrol supercharged rated at 346kW or 375kW. All had 6 speed automatic transmissions and were limited to 250kph. The safety and security systems were state of the art and the optional features were extensive. The interior timber veneers and the leather shades were exquisite. Head linings and carpet selections complement the overall ambiance of a stunning new beginning for Jaguar. The cabin instrumentation and driver controls were all excellently positioned.  

The new XJ made a quantum leap into the future with its engine management systems, the inbuilt safety systems, the HD touch screen, blind spot monitor, rear camera parking, etc. The XF and XFR for 2010 were further developed with a new, advanced 3.0 litre AJ V6D, GEN 111 S diesel and two new 5.0 litre AJ V8, GEN 111 petrol engines to take XF performance to new heights. The sporting appearance and the use of the most up to date engineering placed these beautifully constructed cars in the absolute forefront of luxury cars. The performances of the latest XK and XKR sports cars can be compared favourably with any of their rivals. The naturally aspirated V8 and the supercharged 306 kW 4.2 litre V8 of the XKR balance effortless performance with superb refinement.