Model Registers

There are 7 active model registers operating within the club. These registers meet regularly for technical discussions and displays, social activities and register runs. Regardless of your specific Jaguar interest, there is bound to be a model register that suits your needs. And you're not limited to being involved with just one.

Find the contact details for our Register Secretaries by clicking a button below or by referring to the inside back page of your monthly CAT-A-LOG.

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SS, MkIV and MkV

MkVII, MkVIII, MkIX, MkX and 420G


Mk1 and Mk2

S-Type and 420


Modern Classics

Both the XJ Series 1, 2, 3, XJC, XJS Register and the Ian Callum Register are in search of a Register Secretary.

If you're interested, use the Contact Us link to let us know.