The Club's Mk1 Racer

A Brief History of our Mk1 sports sedan


JCCV Mk1 at Winton Raceway in 2022


The Club purchased the Mk1 around 1995 after member, Don McKay received advice that the car was being shopped around for sale, either to be restored or scrapped for parts. At the time, the car was owned by Bill Thompson, who purchased it several years earlier from Club member John Watson.  Don had known of the car since the late 1970s, after seeing it running at Calder Park driven by the then owner Gerald Kaye, also a Club member. Gerald had purchased the car from the second owner, who purchased it from the builder, Barry Sharp.

Barry built the car in 1969. He had a history of shoehorning large V8’s into otherwise more pedestrian cars and this ‘special’ was quick straight out of the box. At the time, CAMS was wrestling with the problem of where to allow these highly modified specials to run and the idea of a special class known as Sports Sedans was being canvassed. In 1970, the competitors who raced them agreed to have an inaugural championship race, which was held at the now defunct Hume Weir circuit. Our Mk1 was the winner and went on to several more successful events over the next 12 months before Barry sold it on.

As noted above, the car went through several owners, including the 2 Club members noted above.

The Club Purchase

When Don approached the then committee in the 90s, there was quite a mixed reception to the suggestion that we purchase the car. He had already floated an earlier opportunity to purchase the Bob Jane Mk2, but it was snapped up by the Jane Tyre Group and restored and ‘gifted’ to Bob.

The fact that the Mk1 was cheap (around $5,000 including the purpose-built trailer) helped Don's cause and the Mk1 was eventually purchased by the club. Don was then tasked by the committee with forming a subcommittee to rebuild the car, which took several years.

The car was eventually unveiled at the clubrooms in 2001 at a gala launch, which included flying in Barry Sharp from Sydney. On the night, Barry generously presented the Club with the original 1970 trophy.

Over the years, the car has been tinkered with and has suffered somewhat from irregular maintenance and upgrades. However, it has regularly appeared for demonstration laps at various events, particularly the Club's outings at Winton and the Concours. More recently, the committee has authorised more substantial work, including rebuilding the engine.