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Grand Prix Display
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Australian Grand Prix Display

Albert Park March 14 to 17 2019

Once again, our Club has been invited to display some of our cars at next year’s Grand Prix. For those members who have joined in previously, there are some changes next year, so please read the following to make sure you are able to comply before joining in.

The bad bits,

You and your car need to be available to enter the display area on Wednesday the 13th March 2019. The time will be advised only a week or so before the event.

Your car will be displayed outside in the open, in a roped off area for the whole event, security is provided. We will not know the area until that morning.

Once in the display area, your car is not to be moved until  8pm  Sunday night.

This is the major change from previous years and must be adhered to.

You will need to reimburse the club $50.00 for your entry.  This will be collected before we enter the circuit on the Wednesday. If you enter, and for some reason are unable to attend, you will still need to pay the $50.00.

The good bits,

In return for your entry, you will receive 2 guest passes to the whole 4-day event. These passes allow you early entry to the circuit through some gates; so you can go to your car to clean it if required. What this also allows you to do, is take your chairs from the boot of your car and set them up at the point from where you want to watch the event. You can also have what you need in your boot just in case the weather changes.

If you think you are interested in joining in this Club event, please email me with your details by the 31st December. If we get sufficient responses, we will apply for a group entry and let you know the outcome.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wayne Macpherson