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The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria is about you. It’s about connecting people of all backgrounds with varying interests in the marque, so that you and your family can enjoy and fully realise the numerous benefits of being a member of the JCCV. The club seeks to provide, through its various activities, a happy and fulfilling environment for you...


Although admiration for the Jaguar marque is an all important aspect of the JCCV, the club's emphasis is not just on the cars. Our members are what makes the club and their enjoyment and welfare are also of primary importance. Accordingly, we plan activities throughout the year so that members, their partners, children and grandchildren can participate and enjoy a wide variety of activities and social functions through out the year. Members and their families are encouraged to attend the monthly general meetings at our club rooms, which provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere...


The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) allows members of the JCCV to have limited use of historic vehicles on the road network. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to participate in the scheme. You MUST be a member of the JCCV for a minimum of 30 days before being eligible to apply for a Club Permit under the Club's CPS for a Jaguar and 12-months for a non-Jaguar.


The focal point of the club is of course the Jaguar cars that we greatly admire and to this end, one thing our members love is to join other enthusiasts and show off their pride and joy. The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (JCCV) participates and supports various interclub displays, charities and events each year, the highlight of which is our annual Concours & Display Day held in November.


For those interested in driving their Jaguars in a somewhat more spirited manner, the JCCV offers members the opportunity to participate in a variety of events in a controlled and safe environment on one of the many race circuits around Victoria including; Winton, Philip Island, Sandown, etc. Through the club's affiliation with the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA), the JCCV offers...


The year was 1962 Dawn Fraser broke the minute barrier for 100m freestyle, NASA's Mariner 2 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Venus, Lawrence of Arabia was voted the movie of the year and a dozen Jaguar owners got together and founded what is now the oldest Jaguar Club in Australia.


Our meeting place is a credit to the vision of early members who formed an alliance with the Austin Healey Club and purchased our own clubrooms. They are discreetly located in Springvale and offer members a comfortable club ambience and relaxed atmosphere befitting these fine British marques and their owners. The club rooms offer a large meeting room equipped with full audio visual facilities, lounge room, conference room, library, merchandise shop, kitchen and licensed bar. The club rooms have easy access for wheelchairs and provide comfortable seating and conveniences to make anyone's visit a pleasurable experience.

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When: 07/03/2017 08 - 09

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When: 24/03/2017 - 26/03/2017

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  • The President's Report

    by Lyn Belcher
    President President - Lyn Belcher
    2017 is off and running. I mean it - we are in the third month already! Time waits for no one so if you want to do something do it now. Decisions, decisions, will I get a blue one or a red one…just dreaming. The F-Pace will have to wait for a few more years. They are very nice though and receiving plenty of publicity Australia-wide.

    Our February monthly meeting, the first for the year, began early with a barbecue to allow members to mingle and catch up. Thanks to David Lyon and Keith Mortimer for organising the food and cooking the barbecue. Thank you for your donations, the money will be used for charity. It was encouraging to see so many members in attendance. I guess you must have missed “chewing the fat (or should I say the sausage) about all things Jaguar”.

    Daily drivers to wish for 

    by Ann Isaacs

    Steve Temple’s XF Jaguar

    How would you like to have these two daily drivers to use regularly? Well JCCV Geelong register secretary Steve Temple is one member many might envy. Steve’s award-winning XF takes him to work at the Geelong railyards where he then swaps turbo diesels for the City of Warrnambool locomotive.

    Steve’s immaculate XF took out the Brighton Jaguar trophy for the overall Concours d’Etat winner at our recent Concours and Display Day. He has only had the car for a few months after deciding to switch from another late model Jag to the XF. Steve is delighted with the XF as it “drives like a real Jaguar”, and has great road-handling ability and torque. He spent a solid two weeks before the Concours preparing the XF which paid off in a strong field of entrants.

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    Jaguar XJC's Out for Lunch

    by Allen Williams

    XJC Lunch1 XJC gathering before the 2017 Port Stephens National Rally.

    Following the hugely successful 2015 Muster of XJC’s in Echuca to celebrate 40 years of the marque, there was enthusiastic agreement from all States to participate in a road trip in March 2017 which will incorporate the National Rally in Port Stephens. The group of Victorian XJC owners agreed that it would be a good idea to meet before some of them set off in March so there was a pre-gathering in early February. What better venue than at the beautiful Mandala winery in the Yarra Valley over a superb lunch.

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    Club Permit Scheme

    by Robyn & Neville Lockstone, JCCV Club Permit Officers


    We have had a busy past year which saw the introduction of major changes in the way the Scheme/System operates. The total number of members’ vehicles managed by our Club is now almost 400 which represents an increase of over 100 per cent in

    the last 3 years. To assist all permit holders the A.O.M.C. have published a Permit Holders Handbook which fully explains the Scheme, answers questions and explains the Vic Roads regulations applicable. These Handbooks are now available from your Club at cost, $5.00 per copy, and it is recommended that a copy be kept in your vehicle with the Log book.

    Vic Roads have delegated the major responsibility for administration of the Scheme to sponsoring Clubs. At current growth rate we will have 500 members’ vehicles to manage in 2016/2017 and we need members’ co-operation.

    The following are current problems:

    - When a new permit is finalised it is the permit holder’s responsibility to advise us of the issued Plate number. This is not always happening.

    - If a permit holder disposes of the vehicle the date of sale/disposal must be advised to us.

    - All documents must be forwarded to us in full. For instance we have had half road worthy certificates sent. This makes it hard to keep a full file copy as required by Vic Roads. Also renewals are sent to us with log book sticker and car sticker removed. We cannot authenticate and sign what we do not have and Vic Road cannot print on a receipt validation.

    Renewals are normally sent out up to 8 weeks before they are due. If not approved and paid by the due date the vehicle cannot be driven on the road. It is treated as unregistered. The permit can be renewed after the due date but only up to three (3) months maximum. After that the permit is cancelled, with no right of appeal (Vic Roads written instruction).

    The current Club Permit Scheme is a good system with enormous savings to members. We ask your help in making it work for the benefit of all. It would greatly assist us if a stamped addressed return enveloped is included.